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Jen M.

I purchased two of these for the office and home. They're so pretty and super functional. The continuous spray is very quiet - you hardly hear it. the light options make it suitable for various settings. Very happy with the purchase! 

Sara L.

This product works great in my baby’s room. I refill it every night before she goes to bed with new oils and water and she sleeps peacefully through the night since it's so quiet. Would buy again!

Rebecca H.

I like the convenience of just throwing this humidifier stick into a glass of water and turning it on. Feels good not having to take a reservoir off, unscrew the base, tip it upside down, fill, screw back on a base and put the reservoir back on only to have to repeat the process every couple nights with a traditional humidifier.

Lynette S.

This is an excellent night light for children. It lights up beautiful colors and it is so soft my 5 year old hugs it while she falls asleep. Great product!

Katie Earley

Great quality and looks very nice on the counter. Easy to assemble and is pretty strong.

Horace Osburn

Very pleased with these brushes! My bathroom has never looked cleaner.

Angelica Summers

Pretty impressed with the quality and look of this coaster. I'd for sure buy it again.

Emmanuel A.

Love my lamp!

Sheryl Rios

I'm very happy with this purchase.

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