Fake CCTV Camera - Find Home Supplies
Fake CCTV Camera - Find Home Supplies
Fake CCTV Camera - Find Home Supplies
Fake CCTV Camera - Find Home Supplies

Fake CCTV Camera

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Security is everyone's number one concern when it comes to your family, home, and business. We know the relief of knowing you have extra eyes exactly where you need them. It would be amazing to be able to monitor your employees, keep a close watch on your property, and make sure your family is safe! Unfortunately, the state of the art surveillance equipment can cost a pretty penny.

The good news is there is a more cost-effective solution to fend off intruders & increase security! Let Fake CCTV Camera help you to keep an eye on the important people and places in your life!

Our cameras look so convincing that most people won't be able to tell the difference between them and the real thing! Potential intruders will be dissuaded from entering your property the moment they see this camera and will opt for an easier target. Employees will work their hardest knowing you're watching!


✅ Blinking red LED in 2-3 second intervals.

✅ No wiring needed.

✅ Installation screws included.

✅ Required three 1.5V AA batteries (not included).

✅ Plastic housing with a fixed 45º angle.

✅ Size: 10*10*8cm

✅ Package Size: 11*10.8*6.5cm


First fix the screw hole position on the wall to be installed, then drill 2 eyes with the impact drill at the fixed screw hole position, and insert the expansion screw to install the fixed hemisphere type simulation monitor!

Simulation Monitor:

A fake monitor mimics the shape, pattern, and working style of a real monitor.

It can be very effective to install one or several simulation monitors in supermarkets, hotels, parking lots, libraries, offices,

warehouses, bazaars, parks, residential areas, or some prominent locations where necessary. Earthquakes and deter

thieves or lawless elements, so that they dare not approach!

2* AAA Batteries NOT Included


1 x Fake Dummy Security CCTV Home Camera


Our Guarantee: 

We hunt for some of the most unique products in the world - and we back it up for a risk-free 30-day guarantee.

If you don't have a HAPPY HOME-LIKE experience, we will make it right for you so that you're 100% satisfied.

We are happy when YOU are happy!

There's absolutely ZERO RISK buying from the Find Home Supplies official store - so send us an email if you need any assistance.

If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your Fake CCTV Camera, simply let us know and you will be offered a FULL refund or replacement. 

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